Table of contents

Part I: The Pharmaceutical Myth

Chapter 1: The State of the Nation’s Health

Chapter 2: Allopathic Medicine

Chapter 3: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil… Do No Evil?

Chapter 4: The Three Major Risks

Chapter 5: Drug-Induced Diseases

Chapter 6: The Illusion of Medicine

Chapter 7: Sales and Marketing Gurus

Chapter 8: Revising Life and Health

PART II: Food as Medicine

Chapter 9: The Perfect Diet

Chapter 10: Pioneering Nutrition

Chapter 11: Phony Foods for Fake Bodies

Chapter 12: Synthetic Vitamins Do NOT DO a Body Good

Chapter 13: Empty Harvest

PART III: A New Hope

Chapter 14: Regenerating Organs

Chapter 15: Crossroads

Chapter 16: Eat to Thrive

Chapter 17: Purification

Chapter 18: Genetics is not your destiny


Chapter 19: Our Children